Engel Fridge Repair Darwin

Engel Australia make the No.1 portable fridge / freezer in Australia. You’ll be happy to know we are the authorised Engel portable fridge service agent for Darwin. So when you need your Engel fridge repaired in Darwin we can assist. In fact we can help with most portable fridge repairs in Darwin as we also provide service for a number of other brands.

The Engel fridge is well-loved in Australia. Low energy consumption and excellent design for outdoor living. Choose between one or two-compartment and various fridge-freezer combinations. Not many would disagree if you said it’s the best on the market, perhaps worldwide. Available in a variety of models with different litre capacity and useful as camping fridges to any other situation where you need your fridge to be portable.

Maybe your Engle fridge has completely stopped working or maybe it’s just not cooling the way it used to – give us a call and we can figure out how to get your fridge back up and running as it should be ASAP. NT Appliance Spares & Repairs are licensed and experienced.