Here Comes the Heat! Time to Check Your Air Conditioner in Darwin

Before you know it winter will be over and air conditioners will start to work hard again. When the temperatures soar into the 40’s and stay there for more than a month, you know that summer’s coming to Darwin. You can’t rely on the monsoon to cool you down and in situations like this, you will need as much air conditioning as you can get. However, you do need to ensure that you keep your equipment in good condition as well, whether you are operating a business or maintaining the family home. Here’s what you need to bear in mind.

Your Choices

If you’ve never had an air conditioning system in place or you know that it’s time for an upgrade, you may be comparing a ducted reverse-cycle installation against a split system. Know the difference below. 

Split Versus Reverse-Cycle Ducted

The split system has a standalone compressor linked to several individual units, attached to the wall in each room. Today, these systems are very aesthetic and can add to the design of the room. You will need a number of different wall units depending on how many rooms you have in the property.

The reverse-cycle ducted system relies on a network of channels (or ducts), with vents placed at strategic intervals and aimed into each room. This type of system can produce cold air or heat depending on the season, and the ducting is placed in the loft or beneath the floor.

Ducted System Maintenance

At least once a year, you will need to service the system, no matter which you choose. With the ducted system, you will need to clean the channels and the fan to get rid of any dust accumulation. Technicians will look at the pipes and connectors as they check the filtration system. They’ll ensure that the compressor mountings are stable and free of damage. They will also make sure that the pressures and temperatures are within an acceptable range.

Split System Maintenance

Technicians will need to service each wall unit as part of a split system overhaul. Here, a technician will look at the entire system to make sure there are no restrictions or leaks. And, they will check that all the hoses and connectors are in good condition.

Commercial or Residential

When you maintain your air conditioning system properly, it will regulate the temperature of your property during the hottest days of a Darwinian summer. You can keep your family happy at home or make sure that your commercial property is attractive to your staff and visitors alike.

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