Get your new air conditioning in Darwin now and beat the summer rush

Let’s talk about air conditioning. We all know that an air conditioner is almost an essential commodity living here in Darwin. With temperatures sitting in the 30’s or more and the humidity of the wet season, the summer heat can start to feel inescapable. How many times have you got to the height of summer and wished you could head home and escape the warmth in the cool oasis of your air-conditioned lounge room? Only to remember you put off getting that aircon installed

Our lives are so busy these days that we often only manage to get around to sorting things once they’re absolutely necessary. You can make a change this year! Get organised now – you’ll be thanking yourself come summertime, we promise.

Get yourself a quality Kelvinator air conditioner

We can supply and install Kelvinator air conditioners. They are an Electrolux brand, which represents exceptional quality. Available models include split systems and cooling only. For those who aren’t sure, a split system is basically a two-part unit – one part (the main unit) is inside and the other (the part with the motor, etc.) goes outside. The split system air conditioners are known for being quiet and energy-efficient. 

Smart living with air conditioner installation in Darwin

All of the Electrolux systems aim to purify and deodorise your living spaces. The current range now includes an extra step of convenience with units that offer wireless connectivity so you can control your cooling needs from your smartphone. Adjust the temperature, turn the unit on or off and adapt fan speeds – all through the handy Kelvinator Home Comfort App. 

Getting your air conditioner put in place is a breeze

When it comes to installation, we’ve also got you covered! We provide quality installs with qualified electrical so you’ll have peace of mind and will receive a quality service. Feel free to give us a call if you have any queries regarding the units or installation – we’re always here to help.

So, if you’ve been putting off purchasing a new air conditioner or perhaps updating your old unit because it’s perhaps not absolutely vital this month, do yourself a favour: beat the rest of the crowds and get it installed. Have your air conditioner sorted now and you’ll be laughing in your lovely, cool bliss come summertime when others are queued for an install.