Time to Get the Best Electrolux Factory Seconds in Darwin

Founded more than a century ago in 1919, Electrolux has been a part of Australian households for decades. Electrolux home appliance brands include several household names in electrical appliances, namely Dishlex, Kelvinator, Simpson, Westinghouse and Chef.

Because of their efficiency and durability, it’s no wonder Electrolux products are considered must-have household appliances, Darwin residents say. Good thing, though, these household electrical appliances are within easy reach as factory seconds in Darwin.

This means you don’t need to spend extra on so-called brand-new appliances. With factory seconds, you get high-quality appliances at bargain prices, plus other benefits such as the following:

Great value for money

Factory seconds white goods are sold at clearance prices not because they’re secondhand or badly damaged. Rather, they usually have small cosmetic flaws such as a tiny dent, scratch or something similar. There are also instances when the factory second appliance you’re getting is simply an unboxed item used as a display piece or floor stock in a store or showroom.

Others might have been purchased prior and then returned for whatever reason within the four- to five-day store returns allowance. There are also factory seconds whose packaging has become significantly ruined without actually damaging the product, as well as overstocked models that stores simply want to dispose of from their inventory. So, in effect, most factory seconds are technically brand-new items that have never been used before.

So, you’ll be getting more bang for your buck when you buy Electrolux appliances from a factory outlet in Darwin. Also, when you purchase from an authorised factory seconds seller, you’re assured of top quality appliances. This is because you can rely on the grading being always accurate as Electrolux themselves set very strict standards of grading and pricing. After all, factory seconds or not, these are all Electrolux products that must reflect a certain level of quality.

Manufacturer or retailer warranties

Just because you’re buying factory seconds doesn’t mean the Australian Consumer Law no longer applies. All factory seconds are expected to work in perfect condition. And just like their brand-new counterparts, they come with either a manufacturer or retailer warranty. This way, you can confidently purchase factory seconds with no worries as any possible electrical or mechanical problems will be covered.

So, if you’re shopping for Electrolux factory seconds in the Northern Territory, there’s no need to hesitate or worry, because it’ll be like buying something totally new.