Why You Need Experts for Washing Machine Repairs in Darwin

Washing machines are workhorses. They faithfully churn out loads of fresh-smelling clean clothes on a frequent basis. But just like any other appliances that make your life so much easier, after a long life of service your washer can sometimes ‘conk out’, bringing the laundry cycle to a grinding halt. Luckily, when you need washing machine repairs in Darwin our team are available and responsive.

Signs Your Washing Machine Requires Repair

If you notice your Electrolux or Simpson washing machine constantly breaking down or its performance gradually deteriorating over time, it’s time to consider if there’s a need for repair. Some of the signs that your washer is in dire need of immediate care are:

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5 Common Household Appliance Repairs and What to Do

Looking for home appliance repairs in Darwin? Whether you are a homeowner or a property manager in the Northern Territory, it’s vital to have access to a reputable appliance repair company. With the high cost of replacing household appliances, it’s always best to tackle problems early on instead of letting them go. Here are five common household issues that an authorised appliance repair company can help you with.

Washing Machine Door Is Locked

If you have a newer washing machine, then you’ve probably noticed that it locks into place when the wash cycle begins. However, what happens if the lock stays on and you can’t get it open? The most likely reason for this occurring is that the door assembly is jammed and needs the attention of your helpful appliance repair technician. They can get the door open without damaging any part of your washer. Sometimes, the issue is more complex and the electronic control board will need to be replaced.

Washing Machine Is Leaking

No one wants to see leaking from any of their appliances. If you notice a stream of water coming from your washer, it might be because the hose isn’t attached correctly, or the hose washer is worn. Another problem could be that the drains became clogged. An appliance repair technician can diagnose this problem and find a solution.

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Washing Machine Repairs Darwin

Washing machines are handy appliances. You toss your soiled clothes in and — voila! — they come out smelling fresh and ready for another go. In a perfect world, our washing machines would never go on the fritz (and certainly not when we have 10 loads of wash waiting). Troubleshooting washing machine repairs The reality … Read more

New year, better laundry

Now is not the time to be without a reliable washer. With summertime in full swing, extra loads of stinky, soiled clothes seem to find their way into the laundry. If you have called for repairs on your current washer more than once this year, it may be time to consider an upgrade. Finding yourself … Read more

Top Features of the Westinghouse WFE946SC Freestanding Cooker

Now that the holiday season has officially begun, kitchen mavens and beginner cooks would be delighted to learn about the Westinghouse WFE946SC Freestanding Cooker. This family-sized oven is a real kitchen asset because of the following features: 1. Large capacity The Westinghouse WFE946SC has a roomy interior, as evidenced in its 125-litre gross capacity. It … Read more

Simpson Washing Machine Repairs

We have a pressing question for Darwin residents. If you had to choose between going a week without your air conditioner or your washing machine, which one would you live without?

For those of you saying it’s impossible to go a full week without air conditioning this time of year, we hope you don’t plan to wrestle a crocodile anytime soon. You might be able to enjoy the coolness of your home after the big tussle, but you won’t be getting the mud out of your t-shirt anytime soon.

It might sound ridiculous, but when you live in Darwin, you never know when you might be dared by your mates to enter a cage of death and swim with the saltwater crocs. If you survive the encounter, your clothes will obviously need immediate washing.

There are other cons to going without a proper washing machine for a week.

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Electrolux Oven on the Fritz? Time to Call the Repair Experts

Electrolux is a name most often associated with quality vacuum cleaners. After all, Electrolux was founded on the promise of reinventing wellbeing in the home. Did you know the Swedish multinational home appliance manufacturer also makes single-and double-wall ovens and wall oven/microwave combinations? You can roast meats to juicy perfection, craft the flakiest tarts, and … Read more

Time to Get the Best Electrolux Factory Seconds in Darwin

Founded more than a century ago in 1919, Electrolux has been a part of Australian households for decades. Electrolux home appliance brands include several household names in electrical appliances, namely Dishlex, Kelvinator, Simpson, Westinghouse and Chef. Because of their efficiency and durability, it’s no wonder Electrolux products are considered must-have household appliances, Darwin residents say. Good thing, … Read more

Electrical Kitchen Appliances are Modern Necessities

Home appliances have advanced a long way since electricity became a domestic commodity in the late 19th century. As early as 1891, when the first electric cooker was made, inventors have been keen to modernise the home lifestyle by “electrifying” every conceivable household tool. And thanks to their ingenious efforts and numerous technological milestones, we … Read more