Simpson Washing Machine Repairs

We have a pressing question for Darwin residents. If you had to choose between going a week without your air conditioner or your washing machine, which one would you live without?

For those of you saying it’s impossible to go a full week without air conditioning this time of year, we hope you don’t plan to wrestle a crocodile anytime soon. You might be able to enjoy the coolness of your home after the big tussle, but you won’t be getting the mud out of your t-shirt anytime soon.

It might sound ridiculous, but when you live in Darwin, you never know when you might be dared by your mates to enter a cage of death and swim with the saltwater crocs. If you survive the encounter, your clothes will obviously need immediate washing.

There are other cons to going without a proper washing machine for a week.

1. Protection against flying poop bombs

Yes we did just say that. If you’re nodding your head right now in solidarity, you’ve likely been the victim of one of the feathered friends flying about in Darwin. It’s hard to get mad at the cute buggers for dropping a load on your favourite tee, but that doesn’t mean you should leave it on your clothing any longer than necessary. If you are without a washing machine for a week, you face the possibility of living with that poo stain for good or trying to (ewwww) wash it out by hand.

2. Avoiding mildewy swimmers

Spending a day at the beach with the kids is loads of fun (and you can possibly wrestle a croc if you’re brave enough to get in the water…joking – most wouldn’t!). That golden sand might feel warm and wonderful on your toes but you’ll most likely be swimming at a waterhole rather than the beach if you live in Darwin. Afterwards, you really do need to wash all the boardies if you plan to swim in them again anytime soon. The kids are going to throw their togs in the general direction of the washer (i.e. the laundry floor) and if you don’t get them clean fast it will be a nice mildewy stench and wet towels you’ll be greeted with next time you venture in. A quick cold wash is the usual solution but of course only if you have a working washing machine. At this point the choice between aircon or a washer is tricky.

3. Removing grass stains

Who doesn’t like playing a rousing game of footy now and again with their mates? After a few hours of tackling, you might find your favourite trackies covered in grass stains. Getting it off quickly and efficiently is challenging without a washing machine.

Convinced yet? The good news is that you do not have to live without one or the other. When your Simpson washing machine breaks down, call us for speedy repairs. Our technicians are trained to identify maintenance issues with all models of Simpson washing machines. We’ll have your washing machine up and running in a jiffy while you relax in the comfort of your air-conditioned living room. So go ahead and challenge that croc to a wriggle. We can’t promise you’ll come out on top, but we can promise to remove all evidence from your clothing afterwards.