Toasty weather ahead? Ensure your home air-conditioning is up to the task

The weather in Darwin is perennially hot, and most people rely on their trusty air conditioner to keep things cool as the mercury soars. Yet this system works hard and from time to time will need your attention if it is going to function correctly and not skip a beat. So if it’s been some time since you scheduled a maintenance call, what should you pay attention to and why should you take aircon action now? Read on to learn more or call to chat about your air conditioner service and maintenance requirements now.

Saving Energy

HVAC systems are meant to last and will not often break down completely, but as they will be subject to wear and tear as time goes by, your air conditioners performance can definitely fall away. When it does, the system will use more electricity to try and match temperatures, and your energy consumption will rise. You’ll pay more to your utility provider, and the size of your carbon footprint will go up too.

Health and Safety

When you call on our technician to have a look at your air-conditioning system in Darwin, they will begin by having a close look at all of the ducts. Here, we want to ensure that your aricon is clear of any dust or debris and also check for the presence of mould or mildew. If any of these are present, you will definitely want to consider a deep clean as these nasties can cause difficulties for those who may have asthma. If our technicians notice a significant problem, they will suggest a full pressure cleaning.

Next, we will want to clean or change the filters. Again, these filters can trap harmful allergens and dust that may otherwise circulate in your home and lead to health problems, like headaches, fatigue or a runny nose.

Detailed Work

Our authorised technician will look at your thermostat and make sure that it is still properly calibrated. If it isn’t, you may be wasting energy as you try to hit the wrong temperature. They’ll also inspect the compressor, condenser and evaporator, lubricate any moving parts and test all the system controls. If they need to perform any repairs, they will talk with you first to get your approval before carrying out the work as efficiently as possible.

Temperatures Are Rising

Remember, regular maintenance is important if you want to avoid a breakdown of any kind. With seasonal temperatures set to spike, you need to call in a Darwin aircon expert as soon as possible to take a good look at your installation.