Top Features of the Westinghouse WFE946SC Freestanding Cooker

Now that the holiday season has officially begun, kitchen mavens and beginner cooks would be delighted to learn about the Westinghouse WFE946SC Freestanding Cooker.

This family-sized oven is a real kitchen asset because of the following features:

1. Large capacity

The Westinghouse WFE946SC has a roomy interior, as evidenced in its 125-litre gross capacity. It has a generous wide-open oven space to make that huge, unwieldy turkey or roast easy enough to slide in.

Its impressive 895-millimetre (approx. 35 inches) width also makes taking foodstuff in and out of the oven a breeze. This oven is so big that it’ll have enough room for four pizzas or even six 12-cup muffin pans in one go for when you’re in a rush to bake some goodies this holiday season.

2. Twin-fan system

The Westinghouse WFE946SC’s twin-fan system means you’ll be able to cook any dish to perfection. The dual fans rotate in opposite directions, so heat is distributed evenly in the oven, promising fairly even cooking results every single time.

You won’t even need to open the oven and turn your biscuit tray halfway through baking to make sure they don’t get burnt on one side. You also have the option to use settings for pies and pizzas, and omit the fan setting for delicate or classic baking.

3. Fast heat-up time

For those incredibly hectic days, you can depend on the Westinghouse WFE946SC to be your ideal kitchen helper as the oven heats up quite fast. In fact, it only takes about eight and a half minutes to reach a temperature of 180°C if you use the quick cook setting, even with its big size. With it, you can make perfectly great roasts, cakes, pies, cookies, and more.

4. Child-safe doors

As an oven designed for family kitchens, the Westinghouse WFE946SC is fitted with multi-layer glazed oven doors. This model is safer for families with small kids, so there’s no risk of you or your child getting burnt in case of accidental contact.

5. Extra storage

Most kitchens, no matter how big, tend to get cluttered with the numerous gadgets and knickknacks collected over the years. But with the Westinghouse WFE946SC’s handy bottom storage compartment, you can organise and keep your baking pans or extra pots and whatever else needs to be within easy reach when you’re cooking or baking.

Westinghouse WFE946SC for family-sized performance

Aside from all these great features, the Westinghouse WFE946SC has twin 25W halogen lights that’ll keep your cooking illuminated as you keep a close watch. The fingerprint-resistant stainless steel allows for easy clean-up, too.

If you already have a Westinghouse WFE946SC in your kitchen, congratulations and happy cooking and baking!