New year, better laundry

Now is not the time to be without a reliable washer. With summertime in full swing, extra loads of stinky, soiled clothes seem to find their way into the laundry. If you have called for repairs on your current washer more than once this year, it may be time to consider an upgrade. Finding yourself without a reliable washer is not a good situation, especially if you have a larger family.

Finding a washer that uniquely serves your household is the best approach to take when considering replacement. For many, choosing higher-capacity washers that accommodate larger loads (8 kilos and up) is ideal. Why spend precious hours washing smaller loads when you can clean the same number of clothes in fewer loads? Even if you have a smaller family but are time-poor, a large capacity washer can be a plus.

Electrolux makes some higher-end washers perfect for meeting the need. Here are just a few of the models we recommend:

  • UltimateCare 700 8kg front load washer with Daily 60 programming. It features a JetSystem, has Woolmark Blue certification, and comes with a vapour refresh option for clothing. Not only is it capable of handling large loads, but it also will save you energy whilst working hard to keep your clothes clean and fresh. With a large front opening, there is ample space to locate and remove all items after each wash.
  • UltimateCare 700 9kg front load washer comes equipped with a JetSystem and an AddClothes function. The vapour refresh option helps sanitise clothes of germs and common household allergens. Gently wash even the largest of loads with ease with the assurance your clothes will receive superior care to help them last longer.
  • UltimateCare 800 10kg front load washer/dryer combination is perfect for washing larger loads whilst saving space by reducing the number of machines needed to get the job done. It features multiple wash programs, including those capable of caring for delicates and wool items. It comes with 5-star energy and 4.5-star WELS rating. It is equipped with Wi-Fi and features a high-performance spin cycle at 1400 RPMs.

These are just a few of the Electrolux models available. Not sure which one is best suited to your needs? Our washing machine repair technicians can help advise when an upgrade might be cost-effective. We offer factory seconds that can boost savings, which sometimes means repairs can actually be the more costly option when an upgrade to a new washer is possible for less. Give us a call or stop by to discuss your options today.