Washing Machine Repairs Darwin

Washing machines are handy appliances. You toss your soiled clothes in and — voila! — they come out smelling fresh and ready for another go. In a perfect world, our washing machines would never go on the fritz (and certainly not when we have 10 loads of wash waiting).

Troubleshooting washing machine repairs

The reality is, washing machines experience problems from time to time. Here are some of the most common issues customers have with their washing machines.

  • My washer will not fill. It is hard to get the (washing machine) party started when it will not fill properly with water. Water and detergent are the two most important ingredients for clean laundry. When your washer is slow to fill or will not fill at all, it is likely an issue with the water inlet valve or low water pressure.
  • My washer will not spin. Spinning to rid your clothing of excess water from the wash is the best way to reduce dry times. Several things could be causing this issue, including a lid switch assembly or drive belt malfunction.
  • My washer will not agitate. Whether it is top-loading or front-loading, washing machines need to agitate to get your clothes clean. When your washing machine is failing at this stage in the cycle, it can be due to a broken drive belt, an overloaded washer, or a motor control board malfunction, among other reasons.
  • My washer will not drain. Before you can transfer your clothes to the dryer, the washer needs to drain. If it fails to do so, it could be due to something getting stuck in the drain pump or a clogged pump or hose.
  • My washer is making a loud noise. Any number of things could cause your washing machine to make loud noises, including a defective bearing or worn-out drive pulley.

Darwin washing machine repair experts

From error codes to broken doors, there is no washing machine repair in Darwin we cannot handle. Troubleshooting is easy when you have years of washing machine repair experience. We are the only authorised repairer of Electrolux washing machines in Darwin. Our expertise also covers the Simpson washing machine brand. Our authorised expert technicians can quickly diagnose the issue and provide advice for repairs or replacement if needed. Book in with us today to get your washing machine back in working order.